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The American society for

reconstructive Transplantation

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ASRT Mission

The purpose of the American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation is to advance the science and practice of vascularized composite allotransplantion (VCA) through multidisciplinary collaboration in reconstructive transplant surgery and medicine. Central to our mission is to provide education, public awareness and advocacy to enhance the lives of the patients we serve.

To achieve its mission, the ASRT shall:

  1. Offer categories of membership that effectively represent the breadth of clinical practice, education and research in reconstructive transplantation in the USA and around the world; Categories shall include trainees and clinical specialists in related fields, basic scientists and allied health professionals involved in reconstructive surgery, transplantation and related fields.
  2. Support the advancement of reconstructive transplantation in the USA through implementation of national strategies and policies. .
  3. Promote high standards in clinical care, science and the ethical practice in reconstructive transplantation by providing information, training and educational material to surgeons, scientists and physicians. This shall include donor procurements of composite tissue allografts, donor and recipient selection, transplant procedures, immunosuppression management, and care of an immunosuppressed patient.
  4. Guide and collaborate with policy makers in their decisions related to tissue donation and allocation for the benefit of the patient in need of such tissue for reconstruction of devastating defects.
  5. Hold annual meetings, which permit scientific, professional, collegial and network interaction in the CTA community.
  6. Work with federal and state governmental agencies as well as national and local foundations to encourage, support and fund clinical and basic science research in reconstructive surgery and CTA.
  7. Collaborate with other societies, organizations, institutions, corporations and support groups that share a common interest in the greater goal of making reconstructive transplantation a routine therapeutic modality.
  8. Provide background information and educational material on therapeutic options for potential candidates and facilitate communication between patients and medical centers.

The American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation

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The American Society of Reconstructive Transplantation is a 501(3c) non-profit organization.

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