Presentations are limited to 6 minutes and will be timed. Refer to the Tentative Scientific Program for sessions and times. Please have your coauthors go to https://www.xcdsystem.com/datatrace/abstract/index.cfm?ID=89IOMuC and complete the Mandatory Financial Disclosure Forms. All co-authors must complete a Financial Disclosure Form in order for you to present at the meeting. It is your responsibility to have your co-authors complete the form. Disclosure information must be updated yearly. Your presentation will be removed from the program if all of your co-authors do not complete the Disclosure Form by October 14th.

All abstract presenters are required to register for the meeting. If you are a Resident or Fellow, registration is free, but we still need you to complete the registration process.

The ACCME requires the Mandatory Financial Disclosure Form be completed by all authors and coauthors in order for you to speak at the meeting. In addition, they require that the 1st or 2nd slide of your presentation include your disclosure statement. This slide should outline the disclosure information included on the disclosure form.

All PowerPoint presentations must be submitted prior to the Annual Meeting. Please refer to the Audio-Visual Instructions for complete format and download information.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Heather Skinner at [email protected].